With exploration and field development in the upstream industry moving into more hostile territories, the requirement to develop economical alternatives to existing exploration methods has become essential. Landtech’s Passive Seismic Tomography image-driven approach and innovative technologies help to produce the highest fidelity in land and marine subsurface imaging. This vastly reduces the risk and cost of finding and producing hydrocarbons in regions where conventional methods fail to provide useful results.

With the addition of our specially designed equipment, we have expanded our products and services across the entire passive seismic process, from survey design to advanced imaging solutions. By developing new passive seismic data recording technologies, and new processing methodologies, we provide our clients with significantly greater value from their seismic data.

As one of the leaders in Passive Seismic Tomography 3D imaging, we undertake the most sophisticated depth-imaging projects. This includes targets that are at extreme depths, obscured by salt or gas clouds, or defined by complex structure and stratigraphy. We also have the ability to overcome imaging challenges presented by velocity anisotropy, near-surface velocity anomalies, high topographic reliefs and complex reservoir fracturing. Our latest research emphasis is on full wave seismic tomography applications and neural network based lithologic interpretations. Using our patented revolutionary unique technologies we are poised to deliver answers where only questions once existed.