The client wanted to have an accurate picture of the 3D extend of the gas producing reservoir in order to increase the number of producing wells.

LandTech installed 95 passive seismic seismometers over the region of interested and recorded 987 events for a recording period of 8 months. The recorded seismicity and a vertical section depicting the recorded events with depth is presented in the following figure.

Passive seismic case study

The figure bellow presents the obtained Vp/Vs and Vp plane-sections of an 8x8km2 area around the gas field, at depths varying between 2.5 and 4km (every 100m).

Passive seismic case study

By isolating regions characterised by

  • Vp values ranging between 5.2 and 5.3km/s.
  • Vp/Vs ratio values ranging between 1.78 and 1.80.

Which are known that most probably correspond to the gas reservoir properties, the following targets have been proposed to the client.

Passive seismic case study

The producing company drilled the first well (red arrow in the above figure) which was a producing one. More wells are also planned based on LandTech’s results.