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Just as, early on, the Far East was quick to seize upon investieren in sachsen anhalt computer intelligence, fuzzy logic and high speed data processing as a strategy for survival and world recognition, and India has claimed its international niche with software production, so Europe should look to new emerging fields to venture new investment and opportunity. It was a force in democratizing communication by giving an ever increasing number of people the means to access and distribute information very efficiently, both locally and globally. A lot of this was demolished at the turn of the century, with the exception of the Cathedral; the new Palace (which now overlooks the city) along with most of the new government buildings and ministries were subsequently built there. Despite this increasingly bleak picture, there are reasons to be optimistic. The signs are already there.

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Zero point energy, that "inconceivably vast store of energy in the apparently empty vacuum of space itself", as Arthur C Clarke has described it, is conceived as more fundamental than nuclear fusion which, itself, may very well eventually collapse as a viable economic strategy just as nuclear fission is about to do . Just as we multiply our individual selves by telepresence, being both here and elsewhere in the Net at one and the same time, so now we clone our unique individuality can be both here and elsewhere at one and the same time in geographical space. In the Net, we are here and there, everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. Most computer-based art is craft, pure and simple: playing with the materials, re-arranging the parts, fingering the mouse - its the potter's wheel all over again. One has only to think of its role in the early Renaissance in illuminating the passage of power from the Church to the State, and in the 19th century, giving expression to the rise of individualism and personal authenticity. Pest is now the economic heart of the city, filled with banking, insurance and foreign-trade companies. Then with the full palette, as it were, of nanotechnogy, neural networks and molecular engineering , and perhaps zero point energy sources, questions of identity, architecture and ecology will take on the full implications of the transformatiive, connective and noetic aspects of our present art practices. The first counterreformation was unsuccessful in preventing new knowledge from spreading and so will this one be unable to maintain the status quo through repression.

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Due to its status within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Budapest inevitably took on many of the attributes of its sister-city, Vienna. Comparable to the indices of banned books created by the Catholic church in an attempt to maintain its monopoly, we see now the banning of technologies and the persecution of their creators because they threaten the status quo of traditionally dominant institutions. The result is a unique and eclectic look that seldom fails to dazzle visitors. Art has frequently been instrumental in mediating new attitudes and new values in the light of incipient social change. Many small houses in Obuda, formerly one of the most beautiful districts on the Buda side, were torn down to make way for monolithic and uniform tower-blocks. Aware of impossibility to create a technically sound prevention of copyright infringement, the content industries are pushing for ever more restrictive regulation to outlaw attempts to circumvent, or even to make transparent, their ultimately unstable technologies. In the long run, they are part of a loosing battle.

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It updates and extends not only what the law considers unauthorized access to copyrighted information, but also criminalizes technologies that can be used for copyright infringement (independent of whether they have been developed for this purpose), it outlaws standard practices such as the reverse engineering (deconstruction for the purpose of examination) of protection technology and the distribution of information concerning any such attempt. In addition, they have launched an all-out offensive to change the technological basis of the Internet and oppress new social practices that challenge their dominance. The in indien investieren common theme across many attempts to redefine the technological basis of the Internet is the desire of copyright holders to extend their control over what a user can do with their content. The brexit investieren Internet was fast-paced and flexible, while the powers-that-were seemed like dinosaurs, too big, too slow and too inflexible to survive in the rapidly changing environment. For example, the attempt to protect unsound technologies through the law seriously restricts the freedom to do research, publish and innovate, as well as the freedom of speech more generally.

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