Is the group that invented the PST method and has been applying it worldwide for more than 15 years. Landtech-Geophysics has no affiliation with Seismotech Ltd and our group is not liable for any activities of this company.

3D seismic tomography images at a fraction of the cost of 2D conventional seismic

LandTech was the first company to apply passive seismic services to the oil industry since its establishment in 1998 and has become the leader in High Resolution 3-D Passive Seismic Tomography surveys worldwide.

By using innovative in-house designed seismometers and recording all little cracks and groans of the earth (microearthquakes) we use them as seismic sources (similar to the way a medical CAT-scan uses X-rays) to derive high resolution 3D seismic tomography images of compression, shear-wave , Poison’s ratio and quality factor for the whole of an exploration block no matter how difficult the topography is and at a fraction of the cost of conventional seismic. Patented neural technology provides lithological information and direct hydrocarbon indication.

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Give us a chance to reveal hydrocarbon traps in your exploration block!

3D Velocity distribution for all of your exploration Block

LandTech’s Passive Seismic Tomography methodology provides detailed 3D velocity (Vp and or Vs) below the whole of your exploration block and all this at a small fraction of the cost of a conventional seismic survey.

3D Poisson’s distribution for all of your exploration Block

Our innovative methodology can even provide 3D Poisson’s ratio values below the whole of an exploration block, a parameter which is strongly depended on the presence of fluid or gas within a reservoir.


LandTech is delivering Passive Seismic services to the upstream industry since 1998. 40% of LandTech’s scientific personnel are PhD seismologists specializing in the collection and data processing for seismological data. It is the only company which manufactures passive seismic seismometers and digitizers particularly designed for passive surveys.